February 23, 2017

About Us

B2C Innovative Technologies was originally known as Bricks2clix Llc but because of the reshaping of our business model and target audiences transformed it’s name to reflect that reshaping. So Bricks2clix Llc is doing business as:

For the past several years we investigated several markets in order to find the right fit for our team, ideas and business model. The end result is a change in focus of who our end client is and how we will serve them. Much of what we are about has to do with serving the Educational and House of Worship marketplaces. We served them with:

Video solutions: We offer integration services from the camera lens to your guests living room. Our video streaming service, based on the Akamai backbone is on par with any service in the video streaming marketplace to day. We provide equipment and design services to help our target markets obtain the best for the “buck”.

Design Consultations: We offer a combined experience of more than 80 years in business development, educational services, video production services, and much more. That coupled with an in depth knowledge of the video production marketplace we are able to bring a “concept to creation” consulting service that is on par with anyone in the market today. If we don’t know it we know people who do and aren’t afraid to ask.

Web Design: We provide web design in a variety of areas. Our clients come to us from a variety of markets and we offer to them hosted online educational platforms, websites that meet their prospective public audiences. With our video streaming solution we are able to bring a variety of resources into one platform and makes or exceeds expectations.

Training Services: With most of our team holding advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines we are able to deliver high level training to our clients. Our specialty are is in instructional design for distance education. We just recently launched our “Certificate in Instructional Design” Or CID. This is available as both a certificate or at graduate school level.