March 2, 2017

Transformational Tech

We are living in exponential times!  With the extreme multiplication of technology services around the world we are seeing opportunities to expand the reach of our work as well.

Transformational Technology Solutions – we offer seminars that help ministry leaders and others understand how to take advantage of the trends in technology. We address 4 significant areas:

  • Social Media:
    1. What do we do with it?
    2. How do we build a social media strategy to connect our church to the community and reach the Digital Generation?
    3. What is our approach to mobile media? Where does it fit?
    4. How do we keep technology from driving the social media bus?
    5. Who is effective and what are their secrets?
  • Online education:
    1. Where does it fit in a media strategy or is there a better way?
    2. What is the future of Television and Radio in ministry?
    3. What is effective use of radio?
    4. How do we stay out of the Christian Ghetto and reach the lost?
  • Television and radio: 
    1. How do we connect the remotely located student to our schools and train pastors for the future?
    2. How do we build a blended approach?
    3. What is video streaming and is it appropriate for the future of our collaborative synergistic approach?
    4. Where are the resources and what does one need to get started?
    5. Are there shared resources we all can use to build out our platforms?
    6. What about other languages? Spanish, English, French, Creole etc?
  • Worship enhancement:
    1. How do we take advantage of today’s technology and yet not let it overwhelm our worship?
    2. What tools are available to take our worship to the “streets” and yet enhance our place of worship?